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Do you dream of a beautiful life next to a wealthy gentleman? Then you can become a kept woman and find a sponsor in the GOOD-GIRLS agency, with which your life will definitely change for the better.

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What conditions can elite kept women expect:

Monthly budget from $10,000 to $100,000!

Expensive gifts from the sponsor.

Travel around the world.

Beautiful, luxury apartment in the city center.

Mutual love.

A real prospect of marriage and creating a family!

Be an elite kept woman in Kiev

What does it mean to be an elite kept woman? This means being in a supported romantic relationship with a rich boyfriend and just being yourself, namely a very beautiful and spectacular girl. You do not have to earn more yourself, because you will be fully provided by a wealthy man. He will indulge you with gifts and will reveal to you all the delights of a luxurious life.

Only our agency in Kiev provides girls with such a unique chance to transform themselves. Together with a team of professional stylists and photographers, we will help you create a portfolio with high-quality photos and make sure that you’ll attract the best man.

Девушка ставшая элитной содержанкой в Киеве

Why you should contact the GOOD-GIRLS agency to become a kept woman:

We provide 100% privacy for girls.

We will help you become an elite kept woman in a short time.

Within a month, we will organize several acquaintances with rich and influential men from Kiev who want to find a kept woman.

We guarantee that you will have a beautiful life without financial restrictions.

We will help you create a catchy image and teach you psychological tricks!

Only we have the largest database of verified sponsors open for relationships from Kiev, Russia, the CIS, Europe and the USA.

Look at the stunning girls who are now elite kept women thanks to the "GOOD-GIRLS agency". You also have the opportunity to become one of them and even better.

Being in a relationship with financial support, you will be able to go to the best beauty salons and branded stores to be the most desirable for your sponsor.
Девушки являющиеся элитными содержанками

Find a sponsor from abroad for a relationship of convenience

A relationship of convenience is for you if you want a wealthy man next to you, to whom you will give all your attention and love. Our agency will help you get acquainted with a gentleman not only in Kiev and Ukraine, but also in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, and around the world.

Many girls from our agency found sponsors from different countries, who later made them their legal spouses. Isn't this a great chance to marry a millionaire or billionaire?

Think about it and do not miss the opportunity to become an elite kept woman. Moreover, for this you just need to fill in a questionnaire.

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